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The Monday AI News Roundup for Writers March 20



Michelle Hayes

Check back at the start of each week for a roundup of the latest news about emerging generative AI tools and fresh insights into how AI writing tools are affecting content careers.

Microsoft laid off an entire ethical AI team as it invests even more in its partnership with OpenAI.

Artists and writers are fighting back against AI.

The rise of AI in writing has raised concerns by unions representing screenwriters, who fear studios might replace experienced human writers with robots—but is it true?

How we work is almost certainly about to change, but no one knows exactly how.

Anthropic releases its state-of-the-art AI chatbot, Claude, which is already part of the wiki platform Notion and search engine DuckDuckGo.

Meta’s LLaMA model was leaked on 4chan a week after it was announced.

HustleGPT is, according to Mashable, a hilarious and scary AI experiment in capitalism.

OpenAI's GPT-4 is mostly a better language model than GPT-3, but it's sometimes worse.

Google is incorporating generative AI into its Workspace products, starting with an AI writing assistant for Gmail and Docs.

LinkedIn has expanded its generative AI assistant to support crafting recruitment ads and writing profiles.

New research shows people can only accurately identify AI writers about 50% of the time.

An MIT study found that working with tools like ChatGPT may make writers better at what they do.

T Bone Burnett thinks that to protect human artistry from AI, new safeguards will be essential.

Meanwhile, Dylan Matthews thinks if you’re NOT using ChatGPT for your writing, you’re probably making a mistake.

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