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The Monday AI News Roundup for Writers 3-6-23



Chris Terry

Check back at the start of each week for a roundup of the latest news about the AI wars, a look at new generative AI tools, and insight into how AI writing tools are affecting content careers.

The premature release of Bard is part of a pattern of Big Tech companies introducing products before technology is perfected.

Oxford and Cambridge ban ChatGPT over plagiarism fears but other universities choose to embrace AI bots.

Since November, OpenAI has backed about a dozen startups that make productivity tools, programmer assistance applications, and AI hardware.

Linguist Emily M. Bender is very worried about what will happen when we forget that AI tools aren't human.

Recent high-profile incidents show that while AI can be useful, we still need the skills and judgment of a human.

South Korea's Hyundai Department Store will use AI technology to write its advertising copy starting this month.

In the next couple of years, the hottest job in marketing may be AI trainer.

The owner of Insider and Politico tells journalists: AI is coming for your jobs.

As AI comes into focus with rise of ChatGPT, WGA seeks to protect writers from robots.

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