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The Monday AI News Roundup for Writers 2-27-23



Dianna Tran

Check back at the start of each week for a roundup of the latest news about the AI wars, a look at new generative AI tools, and insight into how AI writing tools are affecting content careers.

Millions have been enthralled by ChatGPT and related chatbots. But now the war to build out profitable adaptations using APIs is on.

When asked if ChatGPT will lead to more layoffs by the end of 2023, "33% of business leaders say 'definitely,' while 26% say 'probably.'"

WIRED asserts that "human art" has a lot in common with AI.

Iowa universities are drilling down on ChatGPT technology, hoping to find a balance between student overuse and future employer expectations.

A new study argues that use of AI-based tools for scientific and academic writing should widely be adopted.

Clarkesworld, a science fiction and fantasy magazine that typically keeps submissions open year-round, tweeted that it would stop taking new stories amid a deluge of AI generated stories.

Ad Age looks at how generative AI is creating custom content in email marketing.

The assertion: COVID-19 proved humans are necessary for AI to flourish, so humans will always be needed.

According to John Tregoning, AI writing tools could hand scientists the 'gift of time'.

Increasingly, AI-generative technology is being used to create resumes—and according to a new survey, often helps its users land a new job.

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