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The Monday AI News Roundup for Writers 2-20-23



Dianna Tran

Check back at the start of each week for a roundup of the latest news about the AI wars, a look at new generative AI tools, and insight into how AI writing tools are affecting content careers.

The New York Post says that ChatGPT writing church sermons is causing hell for pastors.

The Mary Sue reports that people are flooding magazines with AI-written fiction because they're hoping for easy money.

According to The Byte, Sports Illustrated's decision to layoff journalists may be related to its recent pivot to AI-generated content.

From Wired: AI-powered chatbots will only make us more efficient… according to the companies selling said AI-powered chatbots.

Educators fear a new wave of AI writing and search tools will "wipe out learning as we know it."

Turnitin has successfully developed an AI writing detector that, in its lab, identifies 97 percent of ChatGPT and GPT3 authored writing, with a very low less than 1/100 false positive rate.

The Washington Post dug into the question, "How sentient is Microsoft's Bing, AKA Sydney and Venom?"

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